It’s not just any ol’ shave ice, & it’s far from a snow cone. It’s hopa shave ice--all natural, homemade, local--a taste of pure aloha in a bowl. At uncle clay’s house of pure aloha we specialize in crafting hawaii’s most iconic snack—shave ice—to culinary perfection.

Our original syrups are homemade w/ quality all-natural ingredients like fresh hawaiian fruits, flavorful all-fruit purees, & natural cane sugar. At hopa, we’ve made a vow to being real: no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors, no artificial anything! As much as possible, we source our ingredients fresh from hawaii farmers & growers – doesn’t get more local & ono than that!



Our Ice

We use only the finest and most pure Hawaiian water that is exactingly chilled and frozen, then meticulously thawed to the perfect state to be shaved in to flakes of love and joy!

OUR Syrups

We go all-natural using as many locally sourced fruits and ingredients as we can. We blend up our syrups in house, by hand and use them almost as fast as we can make them. We also have a secret raw sugar source flown in from the islands that gives you a taste of sweet Hawaii!

Our Toppings

We have an array of toppings to put your shave ice over the edge! Everything from fresh fruit slices to coconut flakes, cocoa powder, and daily in-house fresh mochi. Oh, and don't forget the dream sauce! A sweet and creamy liquid form of peace, tranquility, and love.

Our Ice Cream

Our Partners, the Tropical Dreams Ice Cream Company has manufactured gourmet ice cream on Hawaii Island for over 25 years. 

Tropical Dreams is considered a “super-premium” ice cream. It is handmade with cream containing 18% butterfat and a low overrun. This means that less air is mixed in during the freezing process. The result is a true gourmet ice cream that is dense and very rich tasting.